Thursday, April 16, 2015

There's An App For That

A lot of people ask me how I stay on track and keep motivated. Let's get real, sometimes I'm not either. I'm human and I get lazy and bored. However good ol technology lets me get an extra hand when I'm slacking. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite apps I use. And no I'm not getting paid for any of these, my life is not that interesting yet! 

First and foremost, the mother of them all on my phone, the Weight Watchers mobile app. I'm not sure if I've ever discussed on here that I do not attend meetings. I am an online member for Weight Watchers. This app is my life, it tells me where and what I can eat. Obviously sometimes I look at it and pretend I didn't see that brownie sundae was 35 points (then my butt reminds me the next day when it's a few inches rounder) but hey, that's what weeklies are for! I love all the restaurants loaded in the system because as a mid 20s girl, I like to go out. I also love that it syncs with my Fitbit to put my activity points in, I'll elaborate more later. The weight tracker has a graph or table feature, I like the table because I can see my week to week progress clearer. Basically if I didn't have this app I would still be 62 pounds heavier! 

The almighty Fitbit app keeps my booty in gear when my mind is trying to convince us a Netflix binge is a good idea, I mean sometimes it is though Scandal demands attention! Anyways, I love the challenges with friends options because I'm competitive and hate losing. Although I also don't have a death wish and I'm not about that 20,000 steps a day life. Maybe soon, probably not. Again, it syncs with my WW app so I know how many chocolate covered almonds I can have for that two mile walk (4 if you were wondering). I have the flex and it's all I need right now but I want to upgrade the the Charge HR eventually! 

Instagram has changed the way I view weight loss entirely. I started putting a few little tidbits about my journey on my Instagram when I had seriously maybe 50 followers. I started gaining new people and with it I was quickly receiving support that was indescribable. These men and women going through the same thing as me and cheering me on. Strangers cheering ME on. What? As my followers grew I started building relationships with a few people. I seriously consider my followers my friends. They really are all my fitness family. It also helped me find my new girls #wwsendtheloveteamslim ! These women are helping me become the me I've always wanted to be. Without Instagram I know I wouldn't have had the success I've had to this point. 

This is a fun app I recently discovered. You put in your starting weight, current weight, and goal weight and it gives you a visual to see your progress. You can also change the model to look more like yourself. Or if you're bored like me you can pretend your hair is different colors and quickly realize you should never go blonde, just don't do it Christina. It's a fun little tool, check it out! 

My biggest issue with the WW app is the lack of a recipe builder. I am far too lazy to go hunt down my laptop so I can log in to Weight Watchers and pull up the recipe builder. My Fitbit is staring at me right now saying we could use the steps. It really is just inconvenient when you're cooking to have to get your whole computer. This app lets me get a better estimate on recipes. I have had a few glitches and problems but overall it works for what I need it for. 

Ok! So those are my go to apps! Anybody have any other suggestions?  Thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm gonna download that recipe builder app! It's always so inconvenient that they don't have something like that for the WW app!! It's seriously like a whole task getting out your computer and plugging it all in!!

    1. It really is! I hate having to track down my computer!

  2. Love this... Great work girl! :D I have to look into some of those apps (obv not IG, WW, or Fitbit)!