Friday, May 1, 2015

April Goals Recap and New May Goals

New month everyone! I want to do a recap on my April goals and then talk about my May goals! 

Oh April, you were a struggle. First goal I set was to lose 5 pounds and I came just short of that at 4 pounds. My eating this month would fluctuate between amazing and disastrous. I'm honestly surprised that I even lost 4 pounds. That's still a pound a week which is good but I would really like to be closer to the two pounds a week mark. 

Next goal was just setting myself up for failure. I knew this was not going to happen even before I had my exercise restriction from my doctor (since I now have had strep for two months and I cannot get rid of it, I'm not allowed to exert myself on this round of antibiotics). I  have been taking it easy trying to get my body back to as healthy as possible. 

I crushed my goal of only one caffeinated beverage a week and actually took it all the way to no caffeine at all. That made me feel pretty great actually! I don't really miss it except for an occasional Iced Unsweetened Green Tea!

I did try two new workouts this month both in the form of DVDs. I did Hip Hop Abs (which I loved) and a Toning DVD for butt and thighs that my boyfriends mom lent me. That one was brutal, really really brutal. Which means it was good for me! 

Overall it wasn't too terrible but I need to learn how to make sure I'm setting attainable goals. 

The first goal I am really excited about because it is a 30 day crunch challenge through my Inatagram buddies. We are all partnered up with buddies to make sure we push each other! Project summer tummy is in motion starting today! 

The second goal is something I really should be doing but I find myself being a little lazy some days. If you put it in your mouth it goes into the tracker! End of story. Even if it's 300 points it's getting entered. Side note, do you think anything could be that many points? Now I'm just curious.

The third goal is branching out from last month but I want to allow myself the option to grab a green tea if I want. Nothing else. 

The last goal for May is going to be the hardest one for sure. My sister is graduating from Ohio State next weekend and my whole family will be going up to Ohio. Every single food weakness for me exists in Ohio. Normally I allow myself to eat whatever I want but this time I am going to try to stay within my points. I will allow myself a little celebrating for her but I need to keep it under control. We'll see if it's possible! 

What are all of your May goals?

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